Saturday September 24th, 2016. Run it solo or in teams of 2, 4 or 6.

Runners depart as the sun rises (6:09am) and run until the sun sets (6:11pm.)  You can either take the 12 hours for yourself, or share the fun with some friends in a relay run.  There will be multiple loops (3) varying in distance (approximately 2, 5, and 8 miles) and can be run in any order.  Team will have one timing chip and each runner must run at least once.  You cannot run the same loop twice in a row.  The goal is to get the most amount of miles in the 12 hours and a loop must be completed by the time the sun sets for it to count!

We will have a lot of action at the start/finish.  There will be music, food, vendors and some games from our annual adventure race.  Camping is also permitted at the start/finish on Friday and Saturday for $15/night.

Solo Registration Fee

  • $95 until August 1st
  • $105 until September 1st
  • $115 until race day

Team Registration Fee (Per Person)

  • $75 each until August 1st
  • $85 each until September 1st
  • $95 until race day